Considering automatic driving lessons Ipswich? Compared to manual transmission, it is definitely less stressful and less difficult with less room for error, especially on hilly roads or in heavy traffic.

Aren’t manual cars more reliable and get better fuel economy?

When it comes to the difference in reliability between manual and automatic transmissions, in today market it’s not an issue. They are both quite reliable and should go for many kilometres without major repairs if scheduled maintenance is done. The manual transmission might need the first repair, depending on how gentle you are with the clutch.

In what situations can automatic driving lessons Ipswich be a disadvantage?

The main reason to learn to drive a manual transmission is for flexibility. If you need to borrow a friend’s car, there is a chance it might have a manual transmission. If you can drive a manual, you won’t have to worry about that. Also, once used to it, it is said a manual is more fun, as long as it isn’t stop-and-go traffic.

To counterbalance that argument, manual transmissions are becoming more uncommon, so the chance of needing to drive one, unless you specifically purchase it, is getting smaller all the time. That makes the first argument less important every year. Also, most electric cars don’t have a transmission with changeable gears, so as vehicles convert to electric, the question becomes moot.

Overall, you would probably be fine just learning to drive in an automatic transmission. Older generations learned to drive manual, it is unusual in the younger age groups.

Modern automatic cars have improved!

Modern automatics often get better fuel economy than their manual counterparts and reliability is no longer the issue it once was. If you’re talking about cars with over 200k kilometres on them, the reliability of a manual is a factor (even though you’ll have to change the clutch, which is very expensive). But for normal situations and typical late-model cars, it’s simply not a concern.

It’s easier to learn to drive an automatic first because there’s a lot going on when you learn to drive. You’re learning the feel for the roads and steering and accelerating. I think it’s easier to get comfortable in a vehicle, generally, before you start worrying about gear shifts.

In the end, it’s just a preference. Everyone can benefit from having tried to learn manual because it does give you a better feel for the car and how to drive in tough situations. It is not a necessity. It’s something you should pursue only if you want to. At the end of the day, being confident on the road and a safe driver is what matters.