Automatic or Manual Transmission?

Whether to learn automatic or manual transmission when learning to drive is a big decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Today’s blog post by Discount Driving School is going through the benefits and drawbacks of learning in an automatic car or manual car.

Up until the 1950s, all cars built were manual transmissions. It is believed automatic transmissions came about after the Second World War. After coming home from fighting, some people couldn’t drive a car anymore due to permanent injury or disability of one hand or limited functionality. Automatics were therefore created out of necessity to improve quality of life.


– Cheaper to buy
– The ability to drive both manual or automatic cars
– There is a widely held belief that manual cars are more fun to drive.

– Sometimes a bit stressful, particularly with all the other things you need to be aware of while on the road
– Occasionally you’ll stall. This happens to everybody at least once and does not mean you’re a bad driver!
– Takes longer to get the hang of, and can require more lessons to build up confidence
– More effort – as above


– Easier to drive
– Less stressful, can be a faster confidence builder
– Less effort required, you can often get your license in a shorter timeframe.
– Don’t have to worry about what gear you’re in, which means you are concentrating more on what’s around you

– Automatic cars tend to be more expensive to buy by approximately $2000
– Can feel “boring” after a while
– It is a widely held belief that automatics are not as fun as a manual transmission
– You can easily slip into less attentiveness driving an auto as you can basically sit still.

For a lot of people, just having a license improves their quality of life. When it comes down the important things, it really doesn’t matter which option you choose. Discount Driving School Ipswich offers both automatic or manual transmission for convenience. Get in contact with us when you’re ready to take that next step!