Driving Lessons Ipswich Checklist

There are quite a few companies who offer driving lessons in Ipswich. When choosing a driving school, there are certain things a person taking driving lessons in Ipswich should take into consideration. These are:

1. Accredited driving instructors

It is of great importance to look for driving schools that employ instructors who are not only experienced but are accredited as well. It is important to note that not everyone can be a driving instructor, so it is wise to choose carefully and find an instructor who makes you feel comfortable. Doing so gives you the assurance that the one who’ll be guiding you behind the wheel of a car can teach you under any driving situation. Their fleet cars should be in good condition with updated models, this will ensure safety for you.

2. Feedback from former students

There’s no better way to familiarise yourself with the offers of the driving school other than reading reviews written by those who’ve had first-hand experience with the company. The more positive feedback, the more guaranteed the institution is. Finding reviews on a driving school will help you discover answers to questions like:

  • What are their training styles and techniques?
  • How flexible is their schedule for you?
  • How much do they charge and is their a discount for multiple lessons?
  • What do their services include?
  • Wha locations do they cover?


3. Wide-ranging driving lessons

It is best to choose a driving school that offers comprehensive driving lessons, covering everything from vehicle control and safe driving habits to defensive driving and crash avoidance. Whether manual or automatic, make sure they will teach you general information about the vehicle to start with. This includes things such as accelerator, brakes, clutch, steering, gears, and indicators. A good instructor will also prompt you to adjust the side and rearview mirror.

4. Enjoyable lessons and entertaining instructors

Obviously, you’re not here to have fun—you’re here to learn. But a driving school is ten times better with humour! Discount Driving School wants to make your timing learning to drive an enjoyable one! Get in contact with us today!