Driving Lessons Ipswich Learner Tips

In need of some driving lessons Ipswich learner tips? Starting the journey to driving a car independently is a big step that some people pick up quickly, and others take longer.

  • Don’t be afraid of other cars on the road: The first driving lessons Ipswich learner tips we give is this. After about 6 months or so, you’ll become skilled and confident enough. Things such as overtaking and driving at high speeds will be a normal thing for you. Before that, it can and does feel daunting being on the road with other, more experienced drivers.
  • Don’t be over-confident – accidents often occur when a driver with 5–6 years of experience feel as if they are professionals. That is incorrect. Remember that over-confidence is a big enemy of even an experienced driver. Do not try to do anything unless you’re 100% sure you will be able to do it. When in doubt, err on the side of safety.
  • Driving is all about the experience – I’ve seen too much “advice” for learners like “Go out and drive at 5 or 6 AM so there are no cars around”. I think that it is a huge mistake. This is not how you build up confidence. If you’re very scared, don’t know how the car works, doing your best not to hit something while driving at 5km/h – you’re probably better starting with an instructor from Discount Driving School!  The is nothing wrong starting with a clear road in the early morning, but you will need to progress to higher traffic areas. People who are not experienced and get nervous in heavy traffic – drive when there is traffic. It will help to feel less stressed when driving.
  • Follow all the rules, even if others not following those. Speed limits, roundabouts, giving way, stop signs. Know the rules and follow them to a tee.
  • Pay attention when merging lanes:  a few minutes delay is better than facing the ego clashes of the driver in the next lane. Trust me there are drivers whose ego hurts if you go in their lane and they will try to block you and keep on honking.
  • Stalling the engine in the middle of traffic is a normal thing: This applies to manual cars that can take a bit of adjustment. No one is going to punish you for that. Let people honk, You take your time to start the car.
  • Overtake only on straight roads: Do not engage top gear if you are not comfortable with changing gears suddenly. Keeping the car one gear lower will only consume a bit more fuel, but keep your car under control.

We hope these few tips have given you some assurance that we all have to start somewhere! Until next time, have a happy holiday season and stay safe on the roads.