How Many Driving Lessons Ipswich Do I Need?

There are a few place to get driving lessons Ipswich. A good driving shool will not tell you to complete a certain amount of lessons. The best answer is, it depends entirely on you. Everybody is different and some people will have more confidence than others. The key thing to remember when learning to drive is that you’re not just learning to pass your test. You’re aiming to not get killed by another person on the road, or kill anyone else, while behind the wheel. Statistics show that a learner driver is less likely to have an accident with a competant supervisor in the passenger seat. It is after you pass the test and you’re on your own, that the risk increases.

A good driving instructor will not just teach you rules and control, but also common sense and best practices. They will also know the best places to take you in order to teach you vital skills for handling the road and other road users.

It is very important to get as much time behind the wheel as possible. While in QLD you only need a minimum of 100 logbook hours, it will never hurt to get more practice before you take your test. There’s heaps of situations you will encounter on the road, both in terms of fellow driver behaviour as well as odd road/lane structures, that you’re better off encountering for the first time with a more qualified driver, rather than alone on your P’s.

Using a driving school or a driver trainer will help you to learn how to drive and ensure you have the driving skills you need to be a safe and competent driver.

Why Choose Discount Driving School’s professional driving lessons Ipswich?

  • our instructors (male & female) realise that you are an individual
  • our instructors have the ability to develop a learning plan to suit your needs
  • We have dual-controlled vehicles which we use to provide driver training.
  • These are checked every 12 months by government inspectors to ensure they are properly maintained
  • lessons may be taken before or after work and in some cases on weekends
  • Our rates are competitive and our lessons can be adapted to the timeframe you require.
  • Even if you’re already licesed, you can update your driving skills with the assistance of a driving instructor who can tailor a course to your needs.


When looking for a driving lessons Ipswich, cheaper is not always better. However, many good instructors will give discounts on lesson packages. This also benefits you as the learner with having consistent driving instruction. As always, you should do your homework when looking in to driving lessons. Make sure you check:

  • the instructor’s accreditation and experience
  • how long each lesson goes for
  • whether the trainer follows a structured approach with defined objectives

Another advantage of professional driving lessons is that every hour you drive with an accredited trainer counts for 3 hours in your logbook—up to a max of 10 actual hours. This will equate to 30 logbook hours. It is important to note that any hours with a trainer after the 10 actual hours must be recorded in your logbook in real time. For example: 4 hourly driving lessons equated to 31 logbook hours, not 33.

We hope this has given you some insight into how many driving lessons you might need. Any questions about our services, give us a call on 0438 850 186 or use our contact form.