Adult Learner Driving Lessons Ipswich

Learner driver lessons Ipswich for adults are not a big deal. Often, young people can find themselves in the position of not being able to learn to drive in their teenage years. Whether it is financial reasons, lack of opportunity or no supervisor to help you, it is not uncommon to reach adulthood without a licence.

Does this mean you can never drive a car? No!! Anyone of any age can learn to drive, it is never too late. Some say that there is an advantage to learning to drive in your adult years. We have outlined some of the benefits of learning as an adult below.

  • There is a tendency for adults to take learning to drive more seriously. This is because they have had more life experience and realise the responsibility required to be a safe driver.
  • An adult will be more invested in being careful. Perhaps from the responsibility of having to be held fully accountable and from paying all incurred fees related to driving.
  • Learning as an adult makes you able to connect together more information related to driving and roads.
  • In QLD, you bypass the need to log 100 hours of driving. Just by undertaking learner driving lessons Ipswich will assist you in sitting your test.
  • Once an adult learner passes their test, they are straight on to an open licence. This means they will skip the provisional period.

So if you’re wondering if you’ve missed the boat on learning to drive, Discount Driving School are here to say no! We have instructors who will cater lessons to suit you, no matter your age or experience. Get in contact with us today to book a lesson ad avoid the regret of never learning to drive.