Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Unsure on how to choose the right instructor to teach you how to drive? 

We have a simple step-by-step process that will make the decision much easier. 

At Discount Driving School, all of our instructors are male and have vast experience in the driving industry. Choosing the right instructor will ensure comfort and confidence.

How To Choose

  • 1. Choose transmission

    Choose whether you want to learn automatic or manual transmission.

  • 2. Find an instructor that is adaptable to your needs

    Consider if they are willing to tailor your lessons to your level of experience (you can expect this at Discount Driving School).   Contact An Instructor Now

  • 3. Look at their reputation

    We have many testimonials found on our website and our Facebook page. You can read up about each of our instructors to help make your decision easier. Contact An Instructor Now

  • 4. Plan out your lessons

    Check whether you want an instructor to help you with all your required hours, or if you think they are best at the start or just before you take your test. 

  • 5. Find out what value our instructors provide

    You can read up about our instructors and what they have to offer via our testimonials on our website and Facebook page. Contact An Instructor Now

  • 6. Know what you want to achieve

    Ask yourself if you just want to pass the test or if you want to learn about all the nuances and intricacies involved with driving. Once you’ve decided on what you want to achieve, choosing an instructor will be easy. Contact An Instructor Now



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