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Discount Driving School

We specialise in providing excellent driving lessons in Brisbane and Ipswich to help our students pass their test the first time around.


Our lessons are theoretical, practical, and extensive, making sure you know what to do before you’re even behind the wheel and on the open road.

Due to the knowledge of our highly experienced instructors, Discount Driving School students have an extremely high pass rate.

Our fleet consists of new Suzuki Swifts, which are custom-fitted with dual control foot pedals. This ensures a safe learning environment and allows you to build up your confidence and awareness of the road in stages.

We aim to make you capable and confident on the roads, enabling you to pass your driving test on the first attempt.

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Personalised Instruction

We’ll collaborate with you to ensure our driving lessons are tailored to suit your needs. We commit to providing a unique experience for every student.

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Affordable Prices

Our driving lessons aren’t just high quality; they’re affordable. Learn to drive at a quality driving school without breaking the bank.

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High Pass Rate

Due to the knowledge of our highly experienced instructors, Discount Driving School students have a high pass rate.

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Industry Experience

With 15+ years of industry experience, you can rest assured Discount Driving School will offer a professional and efficient service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your cars dual controlled?
Yes. Our fleet consists of new Suzuki Swifts, which are custom-fitted with dual control foot pedals. This ensures a safe learning environment and allows you to build up your confidence and awareness of the road in stages.
Do you offer three for one driving lessons? So I can get three hours of credit in my logbook for a one-hour driving lesson?
Yes. Every hour you drive with one of our instructors, it will count for three hours in your logbook.
How long will it take to get my licence?
It depends on your skills and learning abilities. We show you the fastest and most practical way to learn to drive and teach you all of the nuances and intricacies that come with driving.
If I have a licence from overseas, does it help me get my licence faster?
It does. It depends on the origin of your licence and your driving skills. The RMS recognises driver licences issued from certain countries and you may not need to pass a driving test. In some other cases, you may be issued a full licence or a Green P rather than a Red P after passing the driving test depending on how long you have been holding your overseas licence for.
If I am going to drive an automatic but have a manual car at home, do you advise that I learn both?
It’s best to learn in an automatic. Driving an automatic is easier than a manual, so it helps if you gain confidence and improve your road skills in an automatic before trying to learn manual.
What are the new road rules that started on 1 November 2012?
The RMS (formerly RTA) has introduced New Road Rules, which include no holding of a mobile phone in a car while driving, signalling at roundabouts, no U-turn on a solid line and many more.
What is the minimum age requirement to apply for a driver licence?
You must be at least 16-years-old before you can apply for a car learner licence in Australia.
Will my instructor fill in my logbook?
Yes. At the end of the lesson, your instructor will fill in your logbook.

Our Instructors

Unsure on how to choose the right instructor to teach you how to drive?

We have a simple step-by-step process that will make the decision much easier.

At Discount Driving School, all of our instructors are male and have vast experience in the driving industry.

Choosing the right instructor will ensure comfort and confidence.


How To Choose

1. Choose transmission

Choose whether you want to learn automatic or manual transmission.

2. Find an instructor that is adaptable to your needs

Consider if they are willing to tailor your lessons to your level of experience (you can expect this at Discount Driving School).

3. Look at their reputation

We have many testimonials found on our website and our Facebook page. You can read up about each of our instructors to help make your decision easier.

4. Plan out your lessons

Check whether you want an instructor to help you with all your required hours, or if you think they are best at the start or just before you take your test.

5. Find out what value our instructors provide

You can read up about our instructors and what they have to offer via our testimonials on our website and Facebook page.

6. Know what you want to achieve

Ask yourself if you just want to pass the test or if you want to learn about all the nuances and intricacies involved with driving. Once you’ve decided on what you want to achieve, choosing an instructor will be easy.


Suburbs We Service

Acacia Ridge
Seven Mile Rocks
Jamboree Heights
Augustine Heights
Eastern Heights
Basin Point
East Ipswich
Middle Park
Ellen Grove
Mt Ommaney
Flinders View
Tivoli Hill
Forest Lake
North Booval
Oxley West
Carol Park
West Lake
Redbank Plains
Collingwood Park
Greenwood Village
Coal Falls
Holland Park
Sadliers Crossing

What People say about Discount Driving School.

Review by Banu P.

Trainers are incredible at their knowledge in driving, professional and skillful.

Lots of tips and instructions from the trainer Peter helped me to pass the test in no time.

Awesome experience with this school and I highly recommend it.

Any new member looking for driving school you are at the right page. Don’t think and start contacting discount school.

Happy learning and safe driving.

Review by Karolina B

Thanks Peter, for teaching me how to drive and your patience!

Your teaching technique is very mathematical and hard at first to understand, but at the end it pays off!

Always professional and calm, all lessons were stress free!

Thank you again, Peter

Review by Mikayla W

I had Peter as my instructor and if it wasn’t for his help and amazing humour I wouldn’t have passed my P’s in the first go!

Thank you!!

Review by Amber S

I have Peter as my instructor.

Honestly I have way more confidence on the road under Peter’s style of teaching then I have with prior instructors.

10 out of 10 Gold Stars.

Review by Tahlia L

Thank you so much for teaching me and giving me confidence!!

Would recommend Pete with no hesitation!!

He’ll show you everything you need to know to become a safe driver which will allow you to pass your test with confidence!

I have tried a few driving schools until I met Peter who helped me finally get my license.

He is very very patient and professional, never ever got upset with me whatever mistakes I made, which is the most important n difficult in my eyes.

His price is also the best as far as I know.

My husband and I are very happy about his teaching.

I even booked another couple of lessons with Peter after passing the test.

Thanks a lot.

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